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New Ways to See Saint Augustine: Boat Tour

Updated: May 3, 2022

If you are looking for the best way to really see Saint Augustine, then you should take a boat tour! Seeing St. Augustine by boat provides a unique perspective which is great for history enthusiasts, young and old alike. StAugByBoat tours offer distinctive views of historic Saint Augustine, plus many more stunning visuals including marine sightings!

St. Augustine's Delightful Dolphin Adventure

A dolphin adventure is sure to entertain not just the kids but adults as well.

These synchronized swimmers will give you many happy moments to remember. Other Marine animals, such as pelicans, egrets, and ospreys and their habitats are among some other exciting things explored.

St. Aug's Spectacular Sunset Cruise

As the evening sun drops spectacularly beyond, enjoy an intimate adventure of our Nation's Oldest City's Bayfront and marinas while enjoying the calming evening sun.

Sunsets are always something to remember . . . St. Augustine's sunsets especially stand out because of the unique peace, beauty, and romance they offer.

Old St. Augustine's Ghostly Boat Ride

If you’re one to seek adrenaline from spooky experiences, this one is perfect. Learn about America’s most haunted city’s eerie stories as you’re exploring St. Augustine’s Matanzas Bay. Be transported back in time as you glide past haunted monuments like the “The Old Fort” and “The Lighthouse.”

This adventure is advised only for mature audiences.

St. Aug by Boat is a great way to see the beauty of the city. If you have never been to Saint Augustine, it's the perfect tour to check out. Guests say that they feel like they are on an adventure vacation in a tropical paradise. The Captain and crew are very friendly and knowledgeable. This is something every family should experience.

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